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Radio Operations Center software is like remote control for your radio

Still using old MS-DOS software for radio operations?

Learn the top 10 reasons you should move up to ROC Digital Desktop.

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CSS Announces Upgrade Offer for Users of Old MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 Radio Software
Users of HostMaster, KaWin, KaGOLD, PkGOLD and PC PakRatt can upgrade to the Radio Operations Center Digital Desktop and save 20 percent. (11.26.2008) Read Go

CSS Releases First Version of PacTerm & PKTerm as the Radio Operations Center Version 3.91.04 Features Updated Interface, New Logging Capabilities and More (10.22.2008) Read Go

EmComm Ops Radio Software Now Available (09.30.2008) Read Go

CSS Rebrands Radio Control Software in Anticipation of New Products (07.31.2008) Read Go

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Take Control with State-of-the-Art Radio Operations Software

The Radio Operations Center (ROC) is a comprehensive suite of full-featured software solutions for commercial radio, amateur (Ham) radio, MARS and marine radio control. ROC is the only 32-bit Windows software available for operating TNCs in host mode as well as soundcard support for all the digital radio modes. That means you can multitask, quickly and easily integrate other radio or PC productivity tools, and take full advantage of the speed and processing power of the latest Windows XP and Vista-based computers.

The Radio Operations Center suite contains the following software modules:

ROC Digital Desktop More Info

(Formerly called PacTerm and PKTerm)

With ROC Digital Desktop software, you can connect to, access, integrate and operate multiple radios, TNCs, antenna rotors, logging applications, call books and more. ROC Digital Desktop operates TNCs from Kantronics, MFJ Enterprises and Timewave/AEA, and also supports soundcard-based radio control with Icom and Kenwood Radios.

EmComm Ops More info

For many radio operators, especially those involved in emergency communications (EmComm), only packet mode is needed. EmComm Ops is an efficient solution for radio operators who only want to use their radio and TNC for packet communications on the VHF bands.

Marine Radio Ops More info

Transform your ICOM marine radio into an amateur (Ham) radio transceiver with Marine Radio Ops, a virtual radio interface for operating marine radios from your PC. With Marine Radio Ops, you can work the bands at sea, changing band modes on the fly. Add a Kantronics or Timewave/AEA TNC, and you’ll be able to send e-mail via HF radio at a fraction of the cost of satellite e-mail services.

Weather Ops More Info

Weather Ops is weather fax software for your TNC. This agile application is ideal for transmitting, receiving and printing weather fax transmissions via radio for commercial, military or amateur (ham) weather communications needs.

Get a Free Trial

CSS offers a no-cast, no-obligation, fully functional demo version of all our software. Simply choose the version appropriate for your TNC hardware (if applicable). All components in the Radio Operations Center suite are included in the demo download. Simply choose the software you would like to demo from the install menu on the CD.

Download the Icom trial version

Download the Kantronics trial version

Download the Timewave/AEA trial version

If you would like us to ship you a demo CD, you may purchase one ($10 U.S. for shipping and handling) in our Web Store.