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End of Life for ROC is December 31,2014.

After almost 20 years, W4PC software will sunset the ROC product line at the end of this year.



W4PC Software Inc.

Version 3.99 has arrived for the PK-232 SC and DM-780 in Ham Radio Deluxe.  This includes support for the internal soundcard as well as new radios, and keying using the TNC from DM-780. Get the bundle package of ROC and HRD here.

All products work with Rigblaster, SignaLink, Hamhub, MFJ 127x soundcard interfaces, Microham Digi Keyer II or your homemade soundcard interface with your radio.

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The Radio Operations Center™ Software Suite Puts You in Command

The Radio Operations Center (ROC) from W4PC Software offers powerful, PC-based radio control — without sacrificing flexibility or ease of use. Check out the ROC suite of solutions, from robust multimode radio operations to packet radio operations for emergency communications (EmComm) to marine radio and more.